Forest Heath draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (supporting the SIR of Core Strategy Policy CS7 and Site Allocations Local Plan)

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This is the first draft of an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) that accompanies the Issues and Options consultation drafts of both the Single Issue Review (SIR) of Core Strategy Policy CS7 – Overall Housing Provision and Distribution, and the Site Allocations Local Plans.

The IDP will be updated and refined as these documents progress through the planning process (to the Preferred Options and Submission draft stages).

Section 6 of this draft IDP includes tables for each of the market towns, key service centres and primary villages based on the Infrastructure and Environmental Capacity Appraisal 2009 (IECA). These tables set out existing infrastructure, opportunities for growth, constraints, and specific information from infrastructure and service providers updated during the spring of 2015.

We welcome your views, comments and evidence to further update the IDP including the tables at the end of section 6.

Funding for infrastructure comes through a range of sources including developers (through S.106 agreements), infrastructure providers (through planned projects and upgrades), service providers, and in the future through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). CIL is a standard charge on developments that will replace many, but not all, of the items of infrastructure currently secured under S106 Obligations. Forest Heath is a CIL Charging Authority, which means that the total cost of infrastructure that CIL payments are expected to fund must be identified. In order to do this we must consider what additional infrastructure is needed in our area to support the proposals contained within our development plan, namely our Core Strategy and emerging Site Allocations Local Plans.

So, in preparation for our CIL, and as part of this consultation, we welcome your comments on the following:

  • Any alternative funding sources for the key items of infrastructure identified to allow us to determine the funding gap that CIL is intended to fill. We are required to demonstrate that there is a funding gap before we can even consider implementing a CIL.
  • Any additional items of infrastructure that were not captured within the context of the original IECA or this draft IDP that you feel are essential to the delivery of our growth aspirations as detailed within our development plan(s) and which will be reliant, at least in part, on CIL/S.106 receipts for their delivery in addition to the likely required level of such contribution(s).
  • Any items of infrastructure, captured in the IECA and/or this draft IDP, that are deemed to be no longer required to support our growth aspirations and the reason(s) for this.
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