Site Allocations Local Plan - Preferred Options (Regulation 18 Stage)

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3. How have the potential housing sites been selected?

View Comments (1) (1) Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

3.1 One of the principal documents used in the preparation of the Site Allocations Further Issues and Options document was the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). This document is produced annually to help demonstrate the district has sufficient sites to meet housing land supply and is made up of sites put forward by landowners and developers as well as sites identified by the council through previous studies/work. The SHLAA update which provides background evidence to support this SALP can be found at

3.2 The August to October 2015 Issues and Options consultation included a further call for sites, and details of the new sites submitted during this period are included in Appendix C.

View Comments (1) (1) Responses to the Site Allocations Local Plan Further Issues and Options consultation 2015

3.3 Responses to the August 2015 consultation on the Site Allocations Local Plan Further Issues and Options document can be found on the council's consultation website A summary of the responses from residents and consultees which were used to refine the site selections have been summarised for each settlement in Section 5-13 of this document.

3.4 The sites that have not been selected as preferred options are known as omissions sites, and Appendix B identifies these along with the reasons why they were rejected at this stage.

Site visits and settlement capacity

3.5 In addition to consultation responses, the planning history of the sites in this document have been reviewed (some sites had received planning permission, or were the subject of a resolution to grant permission subject to completion of a Section 106 legal agreement), sites have been visited, and local physical, environmental and capacity constraints have been re-assessed. We have been working closely with Suffolk County Council looking at the transport network and highway capacity, and the educational needs and requirements generated by new development both as a result of recent planning permissions and planned growth.

3.6 The August 2015 Issues and Options drafts of both the Core Strategy SIR and the SALP were accompanied by an initial draft of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP). The council has maintained a dialogue with infrastructure and service providers, and has commissioned further studies where necessary. The SIR and SALP Preferred Options consultation documents are accompanied by the second version of the IDP, and this will be further refined for the final, submission stage, when more precise details of the infrastructure required to support development will be available for each settlement and site.

View Comments (4) (4) Closure of RAF Mildenhall

3.7 It was announced on 18 January 2016 that the Government will be selling off RAF Mildenhall for housing once the United States Air Force vacates the base by 2022. Until there is certainty from the MoD over the deliverability and timescales for bringing the site forward, it is not possible to include the site as an option in the Site Allocations Local Plan. Should this position change during the plan period, the council will immediately commence a review of the local plan and a masterplan will be prepared.

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