Site Allocations Local Plan - Preferred Options (Regulation 18 Stage)

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4. The settlements and preferred site options

4.1 This part of the document contains sections for the towns, key service centres and primary villages within the district. Each section summarises the main constraints and opportunities for that particular settlement and goes on to provide details of those sites which are the preferred options for future development. There is a settlement overview map at the beginning of each section showing the allocated sites and any boundary changes in the settlement and individual site maps for each preferred site. It should be noted as a result of further detailed work and consultation, site boundaries may be subject to change before submission. Maps showing proposed boundary changes in the smaller settlements are in section 15 of this document.

View Comments (1) (1) Residential site options

4.2 The residential sites included in this document are identified in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and in the Site Allocations Further Issues and Options consultation document published in August 2015, or were submitted to the council in response to the call for sites during the last period of consultation.

4.3 As a result of the initial consultation and further consideration, many sites have been discounted and have not been taken forward to this next stage (see Appendix B). The following criteria have been used to help assess the sites that are included in this document as preferred options:

Criteria used to help inform site selection for the Preferred Options draft Site Allocations Local Plan document

Only include sites in or adjacent to towns, key service centres and primary villages.

Exclude new sites below 10 dwellings (within settlements these can come forward as windfall, if adjacent to towns, key service centres and primary villages they will be considered by the settlement boundary review).

Include sites with planning permission where development has not yet commenced.

Include sites that have come forward through the Issues and Options and further call for sites process that fall within the other criteria listed here.

We have looked at the individual capacity of each site and applied the criteria below to calculate the overall number of dwellings/density for that site except where constraints suggest a more appropriate capacity/density:

  • strategic sites over 100 dwellings - 60% of the site will be calculated at 30 dwellings per hectare to allow for infrastructure provision on site (evidenced by Natural England Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) impact zone setting limit for sites over 100 dwellings);
  • mixed use sites - a lower density will be assumed reflecting the proportion of the site likely to be available for residential development;
  • on sites below 100 dwellings 30 dwellings per hectare is likely to be appropriate unless obvious constraints are known, for example the site is extensively covered by mature trees and a tree preservation order has been applied.

Where there is a current application (for example with resolution to grant permission) the dwelling number on the application is used, as this reflects what is deliverable.

Evidence from infrastructure providers.

Location in relation to the main services and facilities in the settlement.

Existing commitments

4.4 The site allocations are based on the planning situation as at 1 April 2015. Some sites are already committed by existing permissions, but have not yetbeen developed. These sites are addressed differently depending on the date permission was obtained and their location:

  • sites where planning applications have been approved after the 1 April 2015, or have a resolution to approve, are shown as allocations in the policytables and on the Policies Map;
  • sites where planning applications were approved before the April 2015 base date, but where development has not commenced, are included as commitments inthe distributions option table on page 9, as to omit them would not show the complete planning picture. These sites are referenced in the supporting textin the relevant settlement section and shown on the Policies Map;
  • sites that have gained planning permission but do not abut or relate well to the settlement boundary are not considered appropriate to allocate. Howeveronce implemented the sites will make a contribution towards overall housing provision and are therefore referenced in the supporting text in the relevantsettlement section.

Other site options

4.5 The Local Plan will also allocate sites to meet our employment needs as referred to in section 16 of this document. In addition, a masterplan policy is included in section 17, to ensure development in the town centres of Brandon, Mildenhall and Newmarket is planned in a comprehensive way and considers issues such as appropriate town centre uses, traffic management including car parking, the quality of the environment, public art and the quality of the public realm.

4.6 At the end of the settlement sections there are questions asking for your opinion on the preferred site options.

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